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Use this section to add Youtube videos to your classified ad. Enter the Youtube URL for each video you want to add, then click the Add This Video button. Once the video has been verified by the system, the video should appear in that slot and the video's ID will be displayed in the input field. Verify that the video displayed is the one you intended to use before proceeding.

You can find the Youtube video URL by finding the correct video on YouTube.com, then clicking the Share button that goes with that video. Copy the URL and paste it into the below. The Youtube video URL will look something like the example below. You may use the full URL or just the video ID portion of the URL (the portion in bold below).

Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

Tip: You can change the order of the Youtube videos that you have already entered on this page by dragging them by their title bars. If you have entered the wrong video, simply replace the video ID with the correct one and click Apply Changes. To remove a video, click the red X for that video slot.

Note: The video previews displayed below are not full size. The video will be larger in the active ad.

Lastly…Your YouTube video:
- MUST be strictly "G" rated.
- MUST be DIRECTLY related to the item in the ad. For example, if you are describing a horse for sale the YouTube video must be of the horse, its sire, dam, or progeny, or other directly related information. If you are listing an event, the video must show something directly related to the type of event in your ad.

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