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Welcome to our free cattle for sale classified ads! Free ads for roping cattle, cows, bulls, or other cattle. You can place your own free ad with four photos. You can register, or place a free ad without registering. Either way, you can place a free classified to advertise your own cattle right now!

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What Are Roping Cattle?

So, what are 'roping cattle' and how are they different than 'regular' cattle?

In the loosest possible definition, any type of cattle being used for roping or roping practice are 'roping cattle.' This can, and does, include cattle not normally considered to be in this group, such as Holsteins, other dairy breeds, and beef breeds such as Angus, Limousin, Charolais, and many more. The cattle used are younger, as opposed to fully grown cows or bulls.

However, when cattle are advertised for sale or described as roping cattle, the definition usually tightens up significantly. For example, 'roping calves' are typically in the weight range of 220 to 280 pounds. In addition, roping calves are typically a beef breed or type, well made, and tolerate physically activity well.

In cattle larger than calves, the definition of 'roping cattle' usually narrows to only include cattle with horns. The most common breed of cattle falling into this category is probably the Corriente, a horned breed that is athletic and handles the physical activity involved with roping well. Other horned breeds might be considered roping cattle, too, such as Longhorns or Longhorn crosses.

When looking for roping cattle to buy, it's always best to never assume that the seller and buyer are 'on the same page,' so to speak. A good look at the cattle is a must, along with open communication about the size, breed, and type of cattle.

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