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Draft Horse Saddles

Below are draft horse saddles for sale from eBay and HorseSaddleShop. A draft horse needs a saddle built especially for powerful, deep body characteristec of a draft horse. Draft horse saddles have wider gullets and flatter bars to accommodate the wider back common to the draft horse breeds. While draft horses are best known to some people for working or pulling in harness, many people also enjoy them as riding horses. For information about draft horse saddles please scroll down for our article "About Draft Horse Saddles" lower on this page.

Below: Close up of a saddle on a draft horse.

Saddle on a blue roan draft horse

Comparison Shop Draft Horse Saddles

Below are draft horse saddles for sale from eBay and (aka eSaddles).

From eBay

See more draft horse saddles on eBay

Who Is "Daily Equine?" You may have seen some of the saddles above have a "Daily Equine" logo. Who is that? That's the name of the logo used by HorseSaddleShop / eSaddles. They are the same business with two names. They are one of the largest saddle dealers in the country. They have an excellent reputation both on the Web and from their brick-and-mortar store located in Bremen, Indiana.

About Draft Horse Saddles

Draft horses are a type of horse that is tall, wide, heavily muscled, powerfully built, and bred to pull or carry loads that would be too heavy for other types of horses. Historically draft horses have been used for a wide variety of labors including farming, logging, pulling carriages and wagons, as well as riding horses, including war horses.

Today, draft horses are still used for labor but are also commonly used for recreational showing, driving, and riding.

Types of saddles built for draft horses vary, but they usually have at least two things in common: wider gullets and wider saddle bars with flatter angles.

Wider gullets: Draft horses have backs that are wider than most other types of horses. Therefore, the saddle gullet in a saddle for a draft horse is usually wider, and sometimes a lot wider, than in saddles built for "regular" riding horses.

A gullet is measured at its widest point, where the saddle fork (aka pommel) joins the saddle bars. The true width of the gullet is always measured on the raw saddle tree. Measuring the gullet width on a finished saddle will always give a different, inaccurate, measurement.

Below: The blue line indicates the width of the saddle gullet.

Draft horse saddles have wide gullets

A flatter angle to the saddle bars: To accommodate their wide backs, saddles made for draft horses will have saddle bars that are wider and flatter than in other saddles.

Saddles From HorseSaddleShop, eBay, and Amazon


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