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Loss Of Email Services’s email services ended 02-22-17.

Ain't nobody happy about this, including us., the company that provided the email services for, has cancelled their free email services. In our case, this also included paid services.

For us here at, like so many of you, we also lost our email services provided by them.

If you should need it for any reason the old email login link was here:

Please remember, though, that the email services provided by that link no longer work.

If you want the full story you can read the information below. It is old information now since the cancellation date has come and gone, but it's the information we repeatedly sent out to CowboyWay email users when we learned was cancelling our email services.

Dear CowboyWay email user:

We are sad to let you know that email services for free AND paid email accounts will end 02-22-17.

This means that if you have an email address ending in you will lose your email services effective 02-22-17. Repeat, this is for free AND paid accounts.

Loss of email services

Why?!, the company that provides the email services for, has informed us they are canceling their free email services. In our case, this will also include PAID accounts. That means those of us at, as well as all of you, will lose our email services.

Conflicting Information From

You may be seeing information from saying that paid email services will not be cancelled. Unfortunately, for users this is not true. In our case paid accounts will also be cancelled.

This is because the settings on the server cannot be split. In other words, we at now have to configure our own server to handle the email addresses we use to operate the website. The server cannot be setup to do this and retain the has to be one or the other.

Conflicting Dates From

If you are seeing information from regarding this issue, please note that while they first say they will be cancelling email services effective Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 they go on to say "Prior to this on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 free Publisher Mail users will have their ability to send email through web mail disabled."

Since the ability to send emails will be disabled on 02-23-17, here at we must configure our own server ahead of that date so we can continue to use the email addresses we use to run the website. For that reason, we have no choice but to cancel all services on 02-22-17 for free AND paid accounts.

If You Don't Take Action, You Could Lose Important Information

It is highly important that you forward ALL EMAILS AND CONTACT INFORMATION YOU WISH TO KEEP FOR YOUR PERSONAL RECORDS out of your current email account to a different location before your services end. If you don't, YOU WILL LOSE THIS INFORMATION FOREVER. This information resides on the servers and we will have no way of assisting you in its recovery.

More Reminders

We will send out several more reminders about the loss of email services before the effective date of 02-22-17. However, we suggest you do not wait and move your information immediately.

We're Sad

For us here at losing the email services is a sad development. Like so many of you we have received email services through for many years. We are also losing our email services provided by them.

Emma Carpenter



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