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New and Used Draft Horse Saddles

Below are new and used draft horse saddles available for sale on eBay. Please scroll down a little lower on this page for a checklist of good things to know before buying a draft horse saddle.

Also, if you scroll down you'll find even more draft horse saddles for sale, this time from

Draft horse saddles for sale

Draft Horse Saddles For Sale on eBay - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Draft Saddle Gullets

Draft horse saddles usually have a wider gullet than other saddles. For example, many draft saddles have a gullet that is eight inches wide or wider. NOTE: Accurately measuring gullet width can only be done on a raw saddle tree. You can measure the gullet of a finished saddle, like the one shown below, but it will be a different (smaller) measurement than on the raw saddle tree.

Below: The blue line is illustrating the width of this saddle's gullet.

Draft horse saddle: showing gullet width


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